When the Mission is Bigger

“When the mission is bigger than your voice.”

The statement comes from Michelle Obama (in her new podcast). She is speaking of how many times she had to stay silent in her time in the White House, but she says it without remorse or regret.

As she stated, “The mission was bigger than my voice” and I can so relate to that.

Because you see, there is a HUGE difference between losing (or not having) a voice and choosing not to use it. And the difference is the choice.

It is the fourth stage of the Evolution of the Marginalized. It is speaking to help, to guide, to softly and patiently correct the direction of the boat being steered, but it is never about proving your worth or your intelligence. It is never speaking just to be heard or to announce you are in the room. The ego is healthy now, not screaming for attention, and yes, sometimes the mission is more important than your voice.

We are reminded of this every time the elders are present. They are there, often silently, observing, learning, growing. I am POSITIVE that often they hear things they do not agree with, but they understand this is not their boat to steer and that sometimes you have to let the young’uns hit the rocks so they will learn.

I smile as I sit in comfort with the knowledge that there are many times I do not speak. In some venues, it is not my place (at a Black Lives Rally, for example). Other times, my job is to listen. Other times, I save my breath, knowing my message would fall on deaf ears. And still other times, I know my voice is only to ask questions, so that others may find their own answers.

This is a beautiful journey, and I am thrilled to be on it. The young LOUD woman I once was lost her voice, only to eventually find it along with the lesson that sometimes the mission is bigger than my voice and I don’t always need to be the leader.

In fact, I take my greatest joy from the times someone else chooses to be, in their venue, in their time, in their voice.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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