What is this Word?

Retirement – such a strange and foreign word to so many indigenous, those of us engaged in a life of traditional service. I smile as I think of so many of our elders, doing all they can, day in and day out. They open and close our events, offer solace and guidance to those troubled, or merely sit in attendance, there just in case we need them.

Some in their sixties, some seventies, some even in their eighties and still they give back, ever conscious of all they have received. For you see, they understand that with a gift comes responsibility. They carry the teachings so needed by so many. The responsibility – to share them.

My greatest honour would be to be considered an elder one day but in the meantime, I do all I can as I wear this life of service with pride. Do I go where I am needed? Whenever I can and whenever I am asked. Do I try to make a difference? Whenever I can and whenever I am asked. Do I force my beliefs onto others? No, for I share whenever I can but only when I am asked.

So this journey continues, perhaps into eldership, perhaps not. All I know is I am going to do all I can in my time here, all I can to leave this world a better place for my kids and grandkids, for the communities and agencies I serve, for the indigenous and allies who wish for the same kind of improvement in this world we all share.

Because I have so many elder friends and with a smile and a hug, they show me how it is meant to be.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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