Decolonizing a Life …

I believe decolonizing, like unpacking and lifelong learning, will take a lifetime. Perhaps because colonial restrictions and expectations are constantly being imposed. Possibly because after near 59 years of incarceration in that system, I have a lot to unlearn. Perhaps for both reasons.

This week I was handed yet another opportunity to let go of what does not serve, this time in the form of a renovation project. New boardroom table, new entrance, new projector screen, new wall planning calendar – once completed it will be amazing.

The reminder (the realization) – that awesomeness is not date-dependent.

You see, my colonial mind wanted it done in time for our next staff meeting. My staff are epic after all, and they deserve an amazing space to gather in. But delays and challenges and busy lives mean it will not be ready in time.

But just when my colonized brain was beginning to pout, my indigenous teachings came back to the forefront of my being, trumping colonial stressors in the process.

In that moment, I remembered that my epic team and our phenomenal meetings have never been “room dependent”. Our love, our laughter, our professionalism, our productivity has always been dependent on the beautiful souls in the room, not on the room itself.

So whether we are in my amazing office once again or eventually in the new boardroom, I know that we will be more than fine as we plan how to serve those who matter so much to us.

The journey continues … with a lighter suitcase and a smile.

I love you!

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