A Shout-Out to Those Treading Water

I see you.

The people just barely treading water. The people getting laundry done the day (or hour) before the outfit is needed. The student reading the material the night (or hour) before the test. The Mom (or Dad) showing up for work on an hour’s sleep because Junior isn’t well. And those who just can’t sleep for unknown reasons who still manage to sing Happy Birthday at their nephew’s party.

I see you because I am you.

The woman who was week’s ahead in scheduled blog posts is now writing to make sure tomorrow’s post goes out. The woman who has always updated a presentation the morning before to make sure it was as current and valuable as possible is now doing that as the only option.

And on and on it goes.

Now, in my case, my insanity will end come April. Busy season will be over, and my self-care game will KICK UP to the level I need but yet, I worry. When will yours end?

Please do not say when Junior is 18 or in college. Please do not say you have no idea. SET THE DEADLINE because no human is meant to function at that pace for extended periods of time, not if they want to survive.

So this is me, putting tobacco down and sending prayers up for you.

This is me praying you stop to rest before Creator forces you to.

This is me, seeing you.

I love you!

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