Touching Land

Yesterday, I spoke to those treading water, people of all races, colours, creeds battling an insanely long list of possible challenges.

But today, I hope every single one of them took steps to change their reality.

Because these are the choices:

1) Get angry.
2) Give up.
3) Change something.

Getting angry helps in the moment but does little to solve the problem. Giving up GUARANTEES the problem exists so there is really only one solution in my mind …

So yesterday, after my post, I changed things.

I ate something healthy, conscious that my tired body needs good food.

I consulted my agenda, reassuring myself that my next event is a full FIVE DAYS AWAY, more than enough time to recover IF I plan well and execute with diligence.

Then I did laundry (funny how someone with as many clothes AS ME can still run out of clothes in busy season). I cleaned the kitchen. I ordered groceries. In other words, I put order back into my world.

And then, after my event, I slept.

And I will continue to rest and repeat until my next event. And then before my next and my next.

Because treading water is what you do in a crisis. It is a hint that you ARE IN CRISIS. It cannot and must not become the norm. And it won’t, unless all you do is get angry and give in.

Activists and allies … we focus on fixing things.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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