I Am Better


I am awake, I am alive and with the dawning of this new day, I smile and give thanks that I am better …

I am better than the woman I once was, a woman who sat in judgment of others, especially if there was any indication they may be looking down on me. Nowadays I head for understanding rather than judgment.

I am better than the woman who justified escape tactics, listing off the challenges that excused my behaviour. Nowadays, my energy goes into overcoming the challenges with courage, intelligence and strength. So much more effective in the short and long term than merely escaping.

I am better than the woman who attacked as a defense. Nowadays, I more often than not just do not accept the attack. I let the other carry their hurtful words without response, knowing such attacks do not deserve acknowledgement.

I am better than the woman who thought starvation was a valid weight loss method. Nowadays my goal is a healthier, more energetic me, not a skinnier one.

I have healed. I have grown. I have overcome. I have learned. I have kept moving knowing that who I was is nowhere near all I am meant to be.

Yes, I am much better than the woman who desperately prayed for a crystal ball, in fear of what today or tomorrow would bring. Nowadays, I give thanks for whatever Creator sends, for I know my garden needs the sun and the rain, that my future plans need me to work and rest, and that all I have to do … is keep getting better.

Authentic is my goal, authentically better than who I was for there should be no pride in our shortcomings. Yet we meet them all the time, those proud to exclaim, “This is just who I am!”

No, there should be no pride. Rather there should be a plan and the intent to get better.

I love you my perfectly imperfect friend.



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