I Am Your Friend …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning the journey begins again, literally and figuratively, as I hit the road on my way to Chapleau Cree First Nation!

Anyone who has followed my career/posts for any length of time, knows I love my career. I love the work I get to do. I love the people I meet. I love helping people realize how strong and beautiful and needed and truly valuable they are and I love love LOVE the communities I get to visit! They are all amazing and unique and beautiful but some I hold very close to my heart …

– The men and women of Eagle Lake First Nation. One of the first communities I had the privilege to work in and one I enjoy returning to every time I am asked.

– The men and women of Pic Heron First Nation are a special kind of caring, loving, knowledgeable people and I feel blessed every time I get to share space with them.

– Mitaanjigamiing First Nation – the youth, the leadership, the teachings make me want to LIVE there, let alone visit.

And on and on and on but the one community that always has me smiling just at the THOUGHT of visiting … is Chapleau Cree First Nation.

I think its because Creator wanted me to realize how easy it is to love someone, no matter the type of relationship or the amount of time spent together. On Chapleau Cree, I have friends and elders. I have guides. I have every reason in the world to LOVE when I get to go back to the place that has always made me feel at home.

It takes trust and love and caring to open your heart to a stranger. The people of Chapleau Cree have done just that for me so today I hit the road, not to go to work, but to go visit friends in one of the many places I am blessed to visit.


So thank you Creator, for a career that puts me in front of teachers from all walks of life. Thank you for giving me the words to help them see all that I see when they smile. Thank you for the ability to chat with friends near and far, whether in a seminar room or via the internet.

I am truly blessed.

Be well today my friend. Be safe but most of all, be grateful for this life, for the challenges that build our strength and help us to find a path away from insanity, and for the friends (the real ones) who want us to be nothing but happy.

Please know, I am your friend.



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