To Those Who Serve …

This morning, as I prepare for Day 2 of Strategic Planning with one of the amazing First Nations I am honoured to work with, I have to stop and acknowledge those who serve.

This post is a shoutout to the frontline workers, working in First Nation communities across Canada. Your jobs, the work you do, the challenges you face are more than most can imagine. Others shudder at the thoughts of suicides and the “living dead” that the addicted can so often resemble but this is your reality, the job you show up for every single day and my heart goes out to each of you.


Others may ask why anyone would do what you do but I know the reason and it is as beautiful as each of you.
The answer – because it isn’t about you. It’s about your families, your community, the next generation that is robbed of parents, the next generations not even born yet. And I, for one, along with many others, thank you.

Let us know how we can help. If there are any First Nation Frontline Workers reading these words, please let us know how we can support you to do what you do because our communities so need you.

Time for me to get ready. But I had to take a few moments to put into words the awe I have for these people, the ones who face our worst nightmares everyday. Because, truth be told, they don’t see nightmares in the faces of those they serve, they see a better future. And then they try to guide their clients and community members there.

Thank Creator for these people, those that serve.

I love you!

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