This is for the Moms…


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning …

Well, this is for the Moms….

The young Moms struggling through online comments from shamers, unsolicited advice from every other parent, and way too many opinions on who, what, where, when and why.

The Moms so exhausted that they fight to stay awake long enough for their child to fall asleep. The ones wishing people would magically show up to clean or cook but only if it came without judgement.

The Moms battling demons so huge that they were forced to leave their littles elsewhere (even if it was their decision).

The Moms who feel “they got this” every 20,000 doubts or so.

The Moms who hate the Mom they are, never realizing they are the best Mom EVER to the toddler that reaches for them after the nightmare.

The Moms who lose sleep over worrying about what the future holds for their child and the ones just WISHING they could see their kids more.

The Moms of every age, size, race, colour, education level and financial status for without you we simply would not be.

Thank you Moms … for life.

Even if that’s all you could manage to give, know that’s more than enough for your child to run with.

Happy Mother’s Day Moms, each and every one of you.

Today – no shame. No guilt. Just love.

I love you!

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