Canada … WTF?

I woke this morning, filled with gratitude and joy, thanks to the First Nation community I had the honour and privilege of working with for the last two days. What started as frustration and potential overwhelm ended with a plan sprinkled with hope and that left me feeling hopeful as well.

And then, I picked up my phone and read of the verbal attacks on Jagmeet Singh. As I shook my head and sighed, I could not help but think, “I guess it is still easier to throw stones than to clean your own house”.

Translation – Canada is living in a glass house and we see the divisiveness. We see the in-fighting. We see how you treat your leadership, and in some (not all) cases, how your leaders behave.

And I can’t help thinking, “Isn’t this the chit you have been accusing indigenous leadership and communities of for years?”

The wampum agreements of years past decreed that non-indigenous stay in their lane, running their communities as they see fit, and that indigenous would be able to do same, running our communities in our way and style.

That did not play out. What you see in our communities today are people and families overwhelmed with the effects of colonialism, assimiliation, and interference. What you see are communities choking on post-traumatic stress, communities struggling with trauma that spanned generations and continues today. We are just now learning conflict resolution and assertive communication after decades of being taught abuse and neglect at the hands of our “educational” captors.

We have reasons but Canada, wtf? What are yours?

Before you condemn what we are trying so hard to fix, perhaps it is time to wash your own floors and windows. As with anything, if you want something to change, be the example. Show us how and maybe some of us will find your ways intriguing.

But right now … not so much.

The journey continues.

I love you!

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