Marathon or Sprint?

I am awake, I am alive, and I can see the finish line in sight but first … the all important last lap.

I am certain you know what I am referring to. Some days or events are like sprints. Life in general is cruising along at a normal, manageable pace but that ONE meeting or that ONE presentation, that is the sprint. You prepare for it. You practice. You breathe deep and then YOU GO FOR IT.

But other days or weeks are marathons. You are hosting a week long event. You are running a trade show or conference. You are hosting a community gathering. You prepare for this as well, everything from making sure you have everything you need to resting before and after each day. You count out the days like you do laps, knowing that each is important and on the last day, you can see the finish line.

But you are not done yet.

Truth be told, the last two weeks for me have been a marathon (including a trip to Marathon! But I digress. Lol). I have done many events, most involving travel but today is the last. I can see the end in sight.

But first, the all important last lap.

Today, the fifth of a series of five sessions I have had the honour and pleasure of doing with the amazing education personnel of Long Lake #58. All other sessions were virtual but we have built such a friendship, that we felt this one had to be live.

So I am here and I am so looking forward to this lap.

But then, I am going to rest …

So my friend, whether today is a sprint for you, part of a marathon, or a easy day, I am thinking of you. I pray you prepared for the day ahead like our ancestors prepared for a hunt, feast, or the winter season.

Preparation equals success after all and you, my friend, deserve success.

I love you!

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