“I Don’t Care.”

“I can work with ‘I don’t know’.
It’s ‘I don’t care’ that scares me.”

I have been sharing that phrase with people for years and it still rings true, even more so today as I prepare for yet another event with those that “don’t know”.

But within that entity, I would bet there are people that “don’t care” about reconciliation or even indigenous people at all. And if those people are front line, the first contact for potential indigenous entities and peoples, they may be burning bridges long before the caring have a chance to engage.

In other words, when considering the future of your business or organization, “I don’t care” should scare you too. Because an eye roll, a change in tone, any micro aggression at all speaks volumes to us about your organization or business, one that is obviously open and willing to employing such people.

It’s time to care. It’s time to make sure those in your employ do not behave in such a manner because as the fastest growing demographic in Canada, you should care about your indigenous engagement.

If you care about the future of your business or entity, that is.

The journey continues …

Oh, and yes, I do have a seminar on that.

I love you.

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