Glass Offices

This morning, a challenge.

You see, recently I have come to realize that when I receive poor treatment from another, I no longer go to anger or frustration or if I do, I don’t stay there long. Instead, I now simply take note of the type of person they are showing me they are and more importantly, I PERSONALLY COMMIT TO NEVER TREATING ANOTHER THE WAY I WAS TREATED.

So here’s the challenge – yes, I want you to call out racism whenever you see it. Yes, I want you to disrupt that conversation so it stops being accepted as normal or “just what happens” when out in public. But I also want you to commit to not being the type of person or business or non-profit that allows such behaviour.

Whether it is sales clerks and cashiers rolling their eyes, security following indigenous people around stores, that lack of patience that suddenly appears when conversing with BIPOC people, whatever it is … commit to being a safe space where those things don’t happen.

In other words, don’t sit in judgement, if such things are growing free in your garden, even if that garden is your home.

After all, the first step for any ally is to clean up our own glass house or office or social group or …

The journey continues …

I love you!

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