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  • The “52 Steps to Reconciliation” Video Series to watch and review whenever you desire.
  • The PATH Video Course, Sandi’s most in-demand seminar in video form for you to consume and review whenever or as often as you need to support your journey to reconciliation!
  • A Day That Changed Everything – Sandi’s very first empowering seminar that is STILL in very high demand, helping people to heal no matter where they stand or whom they stand beside.
  • The PATH Away from Lateral Violence – designed specifically for First Nation communities and agendies who wish to break the chains of Lateral Violence and …
  • NEW CONTENT added regularly, included in YOUR MEMBERSHIP at no extra cost to you!

THIS MEMBERSHIP IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. WATCH FOR THE REOPENING IN Fall 2022. Existing members can still access the Vault at anytime.

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