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Whether you need motivation and inspiration to be able to see the amazing human being you are or you need support and guidance in your entrepreneurial endeavour, Sandi has you covered!

Sandi’s Motivational Mentorship includes EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the VERY SAME motivational content Sandi uses to keep herself inspired, happy, and productive!

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Sandi’s Motivational Mentorship Facebook group.
  • DAILY emails with personalized notes, a daily motivational quote AND a reading from “Honorary Indian”, Sandi’s first best-selling book!

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Entrepreneurial Mentorship!

And now, after 13+ amazing years in business, Sandi is bringing all she knows to her brand new Entrepreneurial Mentorship which includes:

– ONE training video per month on ALL the relevant topics (social media, marketing, hiring staff, work/life balance, and more) and

– ONE WEEKLY 1-hour phone call or visit with Sandi (if you are in the Thunder Bay area) to discuss YOUR concerns and questions. Phone calls are not mandatory but are available to ensure you feel supported on your entrepreneurial journey!

– WEEKLY quizzes, PDFs, downloads and/or additional videos to help you ascertain your strengths while working on areas that need improvement!

– Ongoing support and encouragement LONG after the membership ends AND for complimentary businesses, the potential for partnership and cross-promotion!

The value of this Entrepreneurial Mentorship program is over $2000 a month but that isn’t what YOU are going to pay!

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