Are YOU indigenous ready?

Sandi is an internationally recognized and much-loved speaker, thought leader, television host, seminar facilitator and best-selling author who brings a much needed “Indigenous lens” to the Canadian conversation.  A proud member of Seine River First Nation in northern Ontario, Canada, Sandi created Mishkwe Enterprises and Indigenous Engagement Canada to offer support, encouragement and guidance to non-indigenous Canadians who wish to be part of the solution Canada so desperately needs.

Through a variety of services  that include engagement with local indigenous communities, IEC ensures the answers we provide are relevant.  Additionally, our clients are gifted the opportunity to provide economic support to those they one day wish to serve.

Under the watchful eye of Sandi Boucher, the IEC team works diligently to bring this country together.  The result – clients who never feel “shamed” for what they did not previously know or understand.

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