My Dance with Ghosts …


I am awake, I am alive, I am a little confused and a whole lot hungover … from my dance with ghosts.

This weekend, a planned meet-up with an old flame. He would love us to rekindle. I have never been certain. There always seemed to be “something” that had me apprehensive but a date or two wouldn’t hurt, right?

Well, I am not sure what door I opened but last night I had my own dance with ghosts past as one by one my ex’s made their appearances in my dream. Nothing horrific happened (thank Gawd) but each reminded me of what my life was like with them, who I was with them, and none of the versions were anything I would choose today.

So, is this simply a reminder that my future is not in my past?

I joked just yesterday that “I passed my dreams 3 years ago” for I know, without a doubt, that I would have nothing I have now if I had assumed that any stage in my past was all that there was for me.

Instead, years ago, I decided to let Creator drive, to let him show me where I was needed, what work I needed to be doing, where I needed to go but what is he trying to say now?

Semaa down for sure on this one, as my groggy head and anything-but-rested body get ready for seminar today. There at least, I know exactly what I am meant to be doing.

The journey continues after all, even if sometimes the next step is a little foggy.

Ever been there my friend? How much do dreams play into your life? Do you heed or ignore? Do you contemplate or dismiss? I would love to hear your stories.

After all, that is where your power is.


I love you my friend.

P.S. Funny how the “answer” came to me in the reviewing of what I had written and as always, it was OBVIOUS once found. Not sure what to do? Easy – Semaa down. Creator will reveal soon enough.   #awesome

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