I’m a Pinball Wizard!


I am awake, I am alive, and today, the journey continues although this morning my journey is reminding me of a pinball game! lol

That is most definitely an age-related reference (not sure the younger folks will get it) but easy to understand for anyone who has ever enjoyed a rousy game – the pinball goes from one post or bell or hole or whatever feature of the game to another and then on to another and another as the game continues.

While Atikokan and those two amazing days are still fresh on my mind, today I refocus as I do the final prep for the Mitaanjigamiing First Nation event I am facilitating next week. “Using Our Voices to Support Our Community” should prove to be an informative, engaging, and important event and I will most definitely enjoy being back in that amazing community.

But immediately after that event I am off to London, then back to speak at a local event and then … a week of rest.

It happens sometimes, we all do it. Sometimes the season requires a bluster of activity as we race around to do this and that. We do it knowing this is not a pace we could maintain all year but it is definitely a pace we can do when required.

Next week for me is required.

So this is me, happy to be home, looking forward to preparing (and more importantly LAUGHING) with my amazing assistant as together we do what needs to be done (even if that means that sometimes our brains feel a little rattled from the game lol).

Onward we go!

And how are you my dear friend? Rested or frazzled? Busy or enjoying a quiet time? What activity level do you enjoy most? I would love to learn.

Whether fast or slow my friend, let’s enjoy this day! We only get to live it once so we might as well!



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