Thinking of them …


I am awake, I am alive and this morning the journey continues, but I can’t help but think of … them.

I am lucky, you see, very lucky. I am so often surrounded by participants, people who WANT to make change. They are ready to learn. They are touching the wall.

They understand. They see, hear, and feel how hard I fight in every session, with every sharing, not for me but for those far more vulnerable than me, those often younger in age, those who more often than not have much darker skin.

I fight for those judged for having a drink. I fight for those judged for being poor, homeless, or lost in a system that practically guarantees that reality. I fight for the youth, laughing and shoving as youth do, judged as hooligan because dark skins can’t do that, not if you want the judges to be happy.

But there are so many out there, still buying the stereotypes, still blaming victims for the choices they make while simultaneously ignoring the knives they are being stabbed with. These people think they are being “fair” when they point out facts rather than simply stopping at acknowledging unnecessary, untimely death.

I have said it before and I say it again – it is the judges that must be stopped. It is the judges that must go silent. It is the judges that must be elected out of Council Chambers of all levels. It is the judges who must be labeled “unwanted” by those like me who are sick and tired of the judgement.

And sadly, yesterday it became clear that some of these judges have made it on to my following list. I want to believe they are learning as they read my posts but judges are known more for spitting out words to show how much they know, than for their silence and respect.

This journey will continue. The work must continue but the delete/block axe will fall on those who can not resist adding their two cents to posts that only require condolences.

So to those who wish to excuse horrific behavior while allowing none for the very victims being targeted, consider yourself warned. You are welcome here, to observe and learn, but any attempts to share the poison you refuse to unpack will be deleted. If I feel you cannot be silently respectful, then you will be removed along with your posts.

Why? Because I protect my followers. This is a safe place and poison like that ruins beautiful places.

It always has.

The journey continues …

I love you my friend. Thank you for being patient with me and this page, as once again I have to clean up.



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