No Do-Overs Req’d …


I am awake, I am alive, and as I look out my window at the Winter Wonderland that the city has turned into, I smile and think, “Perfect. A perfect reminder of last night …”

Last night, a rare social night out (and on the OTHER side of the city, no less). A chance to sit and listen to live music with a friend, performed by another that I haven’t seen in FAR too long.

But as we sat there, enjoying the righteous tunes, I did what I always seem to do – I watched people. I observed the girlfriends gathering after a long week. I watched as young men passed by, men of a variety that a younger me would have loved to meet, and it is then that it hit me … I wouldn’t go back.

I smiled then. I smile now at the realization that I wouldn’t go back to a younger version of me for ANYTHING! Sure I might have been skinnier. I might have had less aches when I move. I might have had a more youthful face BUT … to give up my hard-earned confidence, my wisdom, my experience, my life-time of endurance that has shown me just how strong I truly am?

Not … for … anything.

And for that I say, thank you Creator!

Truth be told, the older I get, the more I understand the elders – the women who wear long skirts (because they are dang COMFY), the women who smile with knowing without ever feeling the need to share, the women who laugh as loud as they dang well want anywhere they want.

One day, Creator willing, I will be one of those women with a loud laugh and wisdom to share. Maybe … I am already heading that way. After all, my laugh is loud and authentic enough to wake the dead! LOL

But I digress. This post is not about tomorrow. It is about today and how much I cherish yesterday, without any need to repeat.

And that my friend, is what I wish for you – a life so full of love and laughter and life and peace that you too give thanks for the past without ever wanting to go back there. Pretty sure that is what “a life well-lived” is all about – a life without need for do-overs.

So this is me, saying from the heart, that I so love that we found each other, my friend. There’s yet another reason I wouldn’t go back – there is no way I am giving up YOU!


I love you!

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