My Gift to You – Words

It took me awhile to realize, in the way that life-defining moments often do. Perhaps it was because the message was delivered in random, unconnected but so-connected comments, spread across various communities, over months, by people who did not know each other but who knew me.

“You gave me the words to describe how oppression feels.”

“Now I know how to describe it to people.”

“Now I know how to explain it.”

“Now I know what to say when that racist spreads his ugly.”

“Thank you for giving me the words.”

I have always said I am an author first, that it would be easier for me to give up breathing than it would be writing but I did not (or could not) see past my keyboard. I saw my words in print or on screen, helping people to understand but I underestimated that my words could be the words THEY needed.

But eventually, over time, when even I could no longer ignore the obvious, I came to see that my gifts are the written and spoken word, as they always have been, but sometimes it is not about the fact that I can write and speak. Sometimes IT IS LITERALLY THE WORDS THEY NEED.

So, this is me, humbled yet again. This is me, so incredibly humbled by the opportunity I have been given, this amazing career that allows me not only to speak and write but to give others … words, the words they so need to have the conversation, to make the change, the words that up until now, they could not find.

The value of a speech I give or a workshop I present just went up exponentially. Perhaps not in the eyes of my participants (to be honest, they have always loved what I share) but in my eyes and I cannot help but think somewhere Creator is sighing as he thinks, “About time!”

Thank you for being part of my journey. Thank you for considering my words. But most importantly, feel free to use any words you need to help explain the difficult, to help describe the indescribable, to draw the picture for those who cannot yet see.

Use them, to build any bridge you need.

After all, I got lots.

I love you!

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