The Pieces of Us …

It is a metaphor I have used often, one used by my Mother before me. The idea that a life is like a puzzle, a collection of pieces. The pieces represent people and relationships, skills and lessons learned, experiences and missed opportunities. Each person has such a puzzle, each in various stages of completion, which is why we are such wonderfully confusing entities to those who first meet us.

But when it comes to indigenous, you guessed it, there is a problem.

Now and then, we meet those who are only interested in certain pieces of us. They do not wish to hear of our struggles but please, do a traditional opening for us. They do not want to hear our opinion of this pipeline or that mining project, but please teach us how to make dream catchers. They do not want to hear of our challenges, but please, could we get 200 of you to work for us?

This is me saying you don’t get part of us. After all, we have worked far too long to put ourselves together to ever be able to consider splitting apart again. I mean, do you KNOW how long it took us to figure out who we are in this confusing landscape known as Canada?

So to the non-indigenous of Canada, know this. I encourage you to open the door. I encourage you to reach out, to consider working with us. I implore you to be inclusive of indigenous in all you do but again, please do not limit how many limbs we can bring with us. Not when it took so long to heal and come back together.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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