No Such Thing!

It happens. The teachings of Christianity, so long forced upon indigenous people, more often than you would guess manage to creep into the teachings of those attempting to return to traditional ways.

You see it, but it is often subtle – the strict adherence to anything, the reinforcement of steadfast male and female roles, the patriarchy on lands so often matriarchal before settler interference. And the one I wish to speak of today – infallibility.

To be clear, elders are human. They are not infallible. Not in traditional teachings, not in opinions, not in experience. Those are expectations put on mere humans by structures that are not our own and it means we must not have blind faith, even in those that are considered our guides.

Elders make mistakes.
Elders can be “unsafe” in some cases.
Elders can even be criminals.
And sometimes, elders can just be wrong.

As my family grieves, I notice the reactions of people to grief. Perhaps it is their own impending passing that leads some elders to callousness, but no matter the reason, do not tell me to focus on the “next chapter” yet or that “death is part of life”. That coldness is best left in the past, in the corridors of the schools that taught us not to hurt, not to cry, and not to grieve.

In short, they do not belong in my world or my page. So yes, even elders can be called out.

Use your brains, my friends, and even more … use your heart to guide you. Creator knows, our relationships could most definitely use more heart.

In my flawed and humble opinion, that is.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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