Of Course You Are!

Working away yesterday, responding to a work-related email from my brother, a thought occurred to me …

I could send my brother an email and tell him I am now officially a millionaire (I’m not, but just imagine for a moment), and all he would say in response is, “Of course you are!”

Because you see, my brother remembers the awards, the accolades, and my straight A’s.

My brother remembers when I excelled at everything I tried.

My brother remembers the “me” I was before I met the abusers and the doubters, the cheaters and the liars, the ones that convinced me not only that I couldn’t but that I would NEVER be able to.

But slowly, I am remembering the “me” he remembers.

And with each target hit, each dream achieved, each goal surpassed, I hear his voice saying “Of course you are a success! You were always going to be!”

Find the believers my friend.

Find them and hang on to them, tight.

I love you!

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