In Control!

What a strange place I am sitting in of late. It seems like only yesterday when I was the struggling entrepreneur with one upcoming gig on the horizon, praying with everything I had for another.

Over the years, my business grew. But then, Covid lockdown cancelled everything so again I hustled. Hustled to create online options. Hustled to reach people online. Hustled to find some way to keep helping and guiding and motivating and empowering my followers that I have grown to love.

And it worked.

And then restrictions began to loosen.

And events began to book and more and more.

Until I ended up here, at risk of spending all my time on the road again. At risk of exhaustion and burnout. At risk of providing less than stellar results simply because I can’t give 110% with no rest in between events!

And that is when I knew I had to take control.

So yes, my prices have increased. I now bring 13 years of experience and a load of talent to each live event. That is worth compensation.

And since my audiences deserve the VERY BEST I can bring, I will now be doing LESS events but offering a much HIGHER-QUALITY experience at the events I do take on.

And with the free time not spent designing those high-quality offerings, there will be more writing, more development of online resources, more Zoom events, more outreach to those who don’t have the opportunity to attend a live event. And that includes Zoom events open to the PUBLIC.

This is me, choosing rest over exhaustion. This is me choosing quality over quantity. This is me choosing my life, my path, my focus in line with my vision for how I want to live.

And if feels great to be in control again.

And you my friend, do you feel “in control” of your life? Only you can change that if you don’t. And truth be told, that may involve making some tough decisions.

I just happen to think you are worth it.

I love you!

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