Keith …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling at the wisdom of Creator and the beauty of this life.

This week in time always begins with a hint of sadness, as my family remembers the baby “who got to come home but couldn’t stay”. But as happens so often in life, now the week morphs into moments of joy and two days of celebration …

Happy birthday Little Man!

As I look back on the 32 years of our journey together, I can not help but notice you have ALWAYS insisted on doing it your own way, starting with the day you were born.

Waiting and growing for an entire 40 weeks was just not something that made sense to you but you gave your hints. Friends were guessing me to be in my ninth month rather than the actual seventh and the day before your arrival even I was saying “If I didn’t know better, I would think I was due any day now!”

And there you were, all 5 lbs, 5 ozs of you! Then came the physical challenges and the surgery required to make sure you could eat. But by 2 months on the planet, you were rockin and ready to take on the world.

But I am not sure the world was ready for you. School was a challenge. You didn’t learn the way they taught. You wanted your hair long like “Indians use to do it” and we supported you. The teasing you endured broke my heart but somehow you never seemed to hear them (although my guess is, you did).

They were wrong, those school officials that doubted your abilities, like any other who has ever underestimated your determination and willpower. Now you remind me SO MUCH of my Dad as you play with power tools and build amazing things out of wood for those you love. He is smiling and so am I.

And you are not done yet. You will go far young man, as far as YOU decide to go and as your Mama I could not be prouder.

Walk tall young man (as you always do). Be kind (as you always are). You are a ray of sunshine this world needs, just as you have always been for me.

I love you Keith. Happy birthday!

Love, Mama xoxoxoxoxox

If you are gifted to know an amazing young man, encourage him today my friend. Men are so often vilified. So often crucified but they should be celebrated like any other. For I have found, when we expect great things, when we assume great things … they so often deliver.



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