Cassandra …


I am awake, I am alive, and once again I am smiling at the fact that nowadays the celebrations may “continue” on this day, but in fact, they started on this day …

Happy Birthday Babygirl!

You were the light in my dark. You were the strength when I felt so weak. You were and are the hope …

Losing your sister was so devastating but as you have heard me say a hundred times, she was so incredibly passive. I worried the world would eat her up.

To calm my fears and prove to me that life could be so much more than just “okay”, Creator sent me YOU, the baby demanding to be fed as soon as she was born, the toddler demanding attention to a story or any little boo-boo that may occur and I could not be happier.

This morning, I was trying to think of the recipe that makes a YOU and here’s what I figure – take the best of me (with a heavy dose of all I had hoped to be). Minus out the bad parts. Add in a HUGE helping of originality, beauty, intelligence, drive, determination, planning superiority, caring, compassion and HUGE dollops of love. Cook for 34 years.

The result – a daughter I wouldn’t change for anything.

I have watched you for 34 years and your path has been anything but easy but somehow you manage to laugh after the tears, love after the pain, and get back up after the fall.

YOU are the outspokenness I didn’t find until a much older age.

YOU are the compassion, the intelligence, the education, and the VOCABULARY that knows how to effectively mix academic prowess with a strategically placed eff bomb to make a point, rather than deter from it.

I only wish I could deliver the punch you do.

And don’t get me wrong, I do, in my own way but I absolutely LOVE when you have said ENOUGH, when I get to watch you educate and inform and set the facts straight … almost as much as I love watching the loving, caring, hilarious and proud Mom you have become.

And don’t even get me started on how dedicated, devoted, and determined you are to be the wife any man would wish for and you succeed hon, you succeed.

You my Babygirl are my best friend. I may have had to accept life without your sister but I simply could not and do not want to imagine it without you. You have been my biggest fan, my biggest supporter, my sage and my reason to fight on.

You were the baby that saved me, the toddler that brought laughter to an often dark world, the young woman who amazed me, the teenager who often scared me, and the grown woman I only wish I had been.

And I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Together forever.

Happy birthday Cassandra. Thank you for being one of the greatest elements of my world.

I love you.
– Mama xoxoxoxooxoxoxox


And you my friend, do you know a young woman who doubts her worth, who doesn’t realize how much she matters to you? Tell her. Today would be a good time.


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