Thanksgiving …


I am awake, I am alive, and after a week of emotional ups and downs, of tears and celebrations, all I can say on this “Thanksgiving” weekend is “I am so dang proud of my kids!”.

Those who know me know the one thing I do NOT do is run my life by a clock. I just won’t give some man-made “thing” that much power over my life.

Well, when it comes to my family, we RARELY do things by the calendar. Yes we celebrate birthdays but rarely do we stress to do it “on the day”. Rather¬†we get together when it fits our insane schedules.

So too with Christmas (which in our non-Christian home, has nada to do with Christ). We open presents on Christmas morning with the grandbabies as I did over the years with my kids, but there is no rush, panic, or stress to have a big Xmas dinner. In fact, more often than not, our dinner is closer to Yule than Christmas. This allows us to enjoy our time together without adding to the stress of “the day” and without conflicts with in-laws and other get-togethers.

(If there is one consistent goal, it is to keep the stress done, essential for a family of busy adults who stress over any break in routine.)

And this brings us to Thanksgiving.

Honestly, with the week I had and the work/travel I have been doing of late, I FORGOT it was a) a long weekend (entrepreneur-itis) and b) that it was Thanksgiving this weekend, until I heard it on the news on Thursday. A quick message to my daughter asking, “Are we doing anything?” resulted in the best convo ever. Later than day, the same type of convo played out with my son.

The end result – no, we are NOT eating turkey this weekend because the calendar says so. No, we are not trying to fit in another get-together when all we each want is sacred downtime. No, we are not getting together and that is more than fine for all of us.


Because in our family, we give thanks every day.

Because in our family we visit when we want to, not because the calendar says “you must get together today”.

Because we all live within 5 minutes of each other, which means we can talk, text, and yes, even visit as often as we so choose and we choose often.

But to be clear, I share this today NOT to put you on the defensive but rather to show that not anyone plays in the rat race. I encourage finding what works for YOU and YOUR family, rather than merely conforming. And if you travel, or want to follow the calendar, all the power to you. Again, no need to defend because no one is attacking.

Having said that, this weekend I will be over here, sipping coffee, in my jammies, maybe working a few hours, maybe beading, maybe reading, all while enjoying the comfort, quiet, and warmth of my home.


Because I am so incredibly thankful for this life – today, this weekend, and every day.


I love you my friend and I am so thankful for you.


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