My Focus of Late …

I am awake, I am alive and this morning, I am smiling as I review my quality time of late …

As always, I have spent quality time focusing on the future, envisioning a reconciled country as I work to help make it so. The vision gives me hope and guidance.

And I have spent quality time reviewing my past, not to beat myself up or condemn what was done, but rather to celebrate how much has changed. Stress – way down. Worry – almost non-existant. And on and on the list goes. The review gives me fuel.

And I have spent quality time looking back at those that came before, growing in my understanding of my Mom and Gramma, of my grandfather, aunts and cousins. As I grow in my understanding of colonialism and oppression, I see the scars on their faces, wounds that help me to understand their words and actions. The analysis grows my wisdom.

And finally, I have spent not one second in judgement of others for I realize that is just too dang easy! To judge your path saves me from having to work on mine, to condemn you saves me from having to fix my own flaws, and I have no time for that for my path and my journey need and deserve my attention.

So this is me, so incredibly happy and proud of my focus of late. As I so often say, judgement burns bridges whereas understanding and humility builds them. I am happy with just how many bridges I have managed to build.

The journey continues …

I love you!

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