Insert Happy Dance HERE!

I am awake, I am alive, and like a Christian child on Christmas Eve, I can feel the excitement building!!!!!

No, it’s not almost Christmas. And no, I am not anticipating some gift wrapped in fancy paper.

But I am anticipating a gift – in the form of a road trip and my first OUT-OF-TOWN LIVE event since March 2020. YES!!! (Insert happy dance here and here and here!)

It’s not until Thursday so warning, I may get a little annoying with the excitment this week! Just know it is genuine, an authentic sign of someone who absolutely loves what they get to do!


As always, outside of a few familiar faces, I have no idea who I will meet, the questions that will be asked, or the discussions that will result. But as always, I also know they are going to be exactly what that group of people need.

How can I be so sure?

Because what is meant to be always is and that my friend, is simply Creator’s plan.

Is it Thursday yet? Now? How ’bout now? lol

Have a super duper double delicious week everyone! Enjoy every single second of it! After all, we only get to live it once please make sure to LIVE IT!!

I love you!

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