Completely Turned OFF!

I am awake, I am alive and this morning all that comes to mind is how completely and totally turned off I am ..

It happens so often now. The isolation, the forced distancing, the sacrificing to keep everyone safe has left me with little tolerance for those with values foreign to me.

Money over human lives?
Get away from me!

No value or grief for a life longer than 70 or 75 years?
Shame on you!

Conspiracy theories and personal freedoms over social contracts?
Eff off!

Why? Because I would willingly stay home for another 5 years if it meant your 80 year-old Mom gets another 5 with you.

And it sickens me that my elders are not as valuable to you.

So, thank you Covid, for helping me to truly define who I want near me, who I want in my inner circle. Thank you for helping me to see that I really have no time for people who don’t care about other people, ALL other people.

Stay safe my friend but please, keep others safe too.

I love you.

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