Facing the Right Way …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, after yet another amazing session at the college, all I am thinking is … they are facing the right way.

Four stages must be traveled through before reconciliation starts, with much work for Indigenous and non-Indigenous at each step along the way. The stages differ on each path but basically in Step One you decide you want to reconcile. In Step Two you learn and truly understand where you are standing. In Step Three you take action to change things on your side of the bridge and in Step Four, you learn and embrace a new engagement style.

Yesterday, participants reviewed the map if you will, learning of the stages and what is required. I can only assume some are on their way while others are not ready to start yet, and that is okay.

Because to me, at least they are all now facing the right way.

Many people in this country are not. Many still turn their back on the notion of reconciliation at any point in the future and that is okay too. That is where they stand. Having said that, they are not the people who sign up to attend my seminars.

But in seminar, I meet those that quickly become my hope – those that want answers, those who are looking for guidance, those that want to do better, those open to learning how.

Today may be an in-office-paperwork kinda day but no matter. The grin on my face, put there by yesterday’s session, has not diminished in the slightest. I am still smiling, still hopeful, simply because those participants are most definitely facing the right way.

In their own time, in their own way, they will take a step and then another and another. I know they will. I have faith.

And you my friend, are you learning, growing, changing? Have you learned of the real Canadian history? Are you looking at Indigenous peoples in a new more enlightened way? Are you no longer surprised at the addictions and violence, as you now understand why?

If you follow my blog, I would bet you can answer “yes” to some if not all of those questions. If nothing else, you are definitely facing the right way by showing me the respect that Indigenous people have long been denied.

And it is appreciated so miigwetch.

Here’s to another great day on our respective journeys. I love that we get to travel together and …



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