For the Greater Good …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as the chance to make a difference continues with two events today – for two entirely different reasons.

First, a presentation to BISNO on the importance of Indigenizing content meant for Indigenous audiences. And no, this is not about “dumbing it down” (although literacy levels and a comfort with conversational English should be considered) but rather ensuring that content does not continue old harmful patterns. Indigenizing involves ensuring there is no superiority, no disrespect, no stereotypical assumptions, no “save the Indian” mentality captured in between commas and periods.

It is a rewarding journey, one I quite enjoy and for BISNO is it important as Indigenous communities begin to realize how many of their members are self-medicating, not out of self-destructive tendencies but rather, to attempt to deal with the effects of a brain injury. Violence of all forms and even suicide attempts can leave the survivor with a brain injury and many have no idea that what they are experiencing is not only real but can often be minimized with the proper support and skills.

Helping BISNO to Indigenize therefore, is an important part of my next chapter.

And then, it is off to a Beendigen celebration of Indigenous women. At this annual event, women who have overcome and gone on to their own versions of success are celebrated and I am fortunate to have been chosen to once again emcee this amazing event and I could not be happier to do it.

Yes, today there is work to be done, applause to be given and smiles to be shared and I am blessed to do it. Which of course brings me to you my friend. What will you do for the greater good today? As you go about your day, tackling your own To Do List, who will you share a smile with? Who will you look in the eyes and say “Thank you” to? Who will you applaud for a job well done? Who will you be blessed to see?

Today my friend, I beg you – look in the eyes of all you encounter, even if they do not look into yours. Acknowledge the sales clerk. Acknowledge the cashier. Acknowledge the gas attendant. Acknowledge the humans Creator sends.

Why? Because we all have the power to help someone else feel a little less invisible.

Food for thought.

Enjoy this day my friend. It is truly a gift!



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