Further Back …


I am awake, I am alive, and all my mind is thinking this morning is … soon.

It is such an interesting journey I take, one that often affords me a front row seat not only at the awakening of the non-Indigenous but at the healing of the Indigenous as well, and neither are pretty processes.

Did my words surprise you?

When you read “the healing of the Indigenous” did you conjure up images of beaded feathers and beautiful regalia? Those are often part of the process but that is not the part I am referring to in this post.

I am referring to the rules we choose to live by, work by, and teach.

In another lifetime, I consulted as a systems analyst. I looked at processes and procedures to see if, in fact, the “way things were being done” was hindering rather than helping the organization to achieve their targeted goal.

In mainstream, I have often shared that when the rules cause harm to a work environment, a working relationship or both, then the problem is the rule, not the people involved.

I now realize that the same applies to the Indigenous and their various methods of healing. In my mind, compassion must always be the priority. Love and support must always trump doing something the right way. Otherwise, all you are doing is repeating the horrors of the past by inflicting more harm.

Because you see, according to my teachings, our way is not about steadfast rules. Our way is not about chastisement. Those practices came to us via the schools. We have to go further back.

We must return to a time when we sat and watched, telling stories as our offspring found the answers for themselves. We must again teach them to “go deep”, to ask what that bird song means to them, to ask how the flowing water feels as they watch it’s journey, to ask what burying your hand in the cool summer sand does for your soul?

It is not about memorization, as taught in mainstream structures. It is not about doing what we are told. It is about learning to be who we are, who Creator designed us to be, long before man created rules.

But I will not sit in judgement, for that causes harm as well. Instead, I will focus on the reality that we are all stumbling around in the dark, trying to find our way.

The journey continues. My role – to tell stories, to guide when requested, and always to support and promote healing. Ego cannot enter into this. It is about the men who were hurt before they hurt. It is about the women, still struggling to believe in their value. It is about the youth, looking for someone to show them a healthy way.

I, and many others are here, willing and ready to help.

But no matter the style, this morning I am simply going to pray for us all.



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