35 years …


I am awake, I am alive, and today I know and feel the truth … that 35 years changes nothing because today is October 8th.

Hey Babygirl, Happy birthday! What are birthdays in heaven like? Are Gramma and Grampa spoiling you rotten?

I hope so. I absolutely do.

You, my girl … made me a Mom.
You … were a surprise.
You … were so so beautiful … but you were so passive.

You never cried. Not for food, not because you were wet. Everyone use to tell me I was so lucky to have such a good baby but I worried about you. I didn’t want the world to eat you alive.

But angels don’t cry, do they honey? And angels don’t have to be tough, because no one attacks them.

You my girl, stayed long enough to teach me that we have to cherish our children. You stayed long enough to show me that you can grieve for a lifetime, even if you only knew someone for two short months.

So this is me, your Mama, saying thank you honey. Thank you for our precious two months together. Thank you for teaching me how important it is to love our kids, (your brother and sister truly appreciate it).

But thank you most of all for being my babygirl.

Gonna get you some flowers today. Gonna bring them to your final resting place. And all day I am going to smile, because today is my babygirl’s birthday and that is worth celebrating.

My friend, love your kids today, with everything you have. Because we never have enough time with them.



In loving memory of Fallon Lorraine Roy,
October 8, 1984 – December 9, 1984

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