The Journey Continues …


I am awake, I am alive, and today … the journey continues.

The week started with good-byes – a community said good-bye to a much-loved elder and a dear friend to her grandfather; a friend shared as memories of his daughter gone too soon dance in his brain and break his heart; and yesterday, my own remembering on the birthday of my eldest, gone long before I was ready.

But today, the journey continues as it was meant to. Today communities are tasked with picking up the work of the elders now gone. Parents are tasked with working on their grieving so as to live the rest of their days rather than merely survive them, and I get back to work, focused on helping as many as I can in my time here.

Which brings me to my point for today – so many ask, “How can I help? What can I do to help the Indigenous?”

My answer is always the same – the answer is not more “saving the Indian”, the answer is in your lane.

The non-Indigenous can be a huge help by working with and educating others on their side of the bridge. Demand Indigenous representation on committees. Speak up against non-Indigenous trying to design or lead Indigenous initiatives. Vote for those who care about what happens to us. And on and on and on …

On our side, we will help our own. We will heal and build safe places. We will nurture and repair our families. Support us in doing the work for it is not something you can do for us, not if you truly want to empower us (and we need empowerment, more than anything).

To move from the past is to learn from it and honour it. We can do that. We must do that. To do any less is to continue the harm.

Let us honour those that came before by continuing the work or ending the harm, whichever applies. That is even more important than honouring their births or their passing.

The journey continues. Here’s hoping I see you soon.


I love you!


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