I Believe in You!

How does a woman raise herself up from poverty?
How does she recover after emotional, financial, or even physical abuse?
How does she reclaim her self-worth, her identity, her drive, her belief in herself?


Hi! My name is Sandi Boucher and I have been there and done that. I have lived through the dark days common to so many of us – days of violence and horrendous self-doubt, days of poverty and despair, days when I thought I had no future, days when I wasn’t sure I wanted to see a future …

NOW I am a successful business woman, a confident, successful and happy individual and perhaps one of the best mentors and friends you could ever have.

I didn’t TRAIN to be a mentor or coach. I LIVED to be one and what worked for me is exactly what I will share with you because YOU DESERVE to be happy, successful and confident as well!

ALL of my guidance, quotes, and stories that I share to assist you are based on the amazing powerful teachings of my Ojibwe Mom. They have kept me happy, healthy, and sane and I KNOW they will do the same for you!

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