We Can Do Better!

So many in Canada want a better existence …

  • Indigenous, Marginalized and Racialized Men and Women want a life free of discrimination and racism.
  • Men and women of privilege want to do things better, to ensure all are welcome in their offices, stores, and communities.


There are many Personal Coaches out there to assist you with self esteem and confidence issues, but it is a whole new ballgame when you are dealing with racism in your neighborhood, workplace, or home.

In those cases, Sandi believes you need help from someone who walks the walk, someone who understands how debilitating racism can be, someone with suggestions and action plans THAT WORK!

Sandi Boucher is such a coach.  An Ojibwe woman from Seine River First Nation, Sandi resides in the city of Thunder Bay, a northern Ontario city known for its anti-Indigenous racism.

Sandi has worked with both the city’s Anti-Racism Committee and Diversity Thunder Bay.  She sits as a member of the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Center’s Alternative Justice Program and she is the host of “The Learning Curve”, a television program on Shaw Community TV Channel 10 designed to build understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the city.

In short, Sandi is dedicated to improving the Canadian experience for all, whether through committee work or through coaching each individual who seeks her assistance.

So whether you are …

  • an Indigenous person facing racism, oppression, low self esteem or ANYTHING preventing your full enjoyment of life or
  • a non–Indigenous person ready to look at how to move forward

Sandi can HELP!

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