Growing Seminars

It is time, time to learn, time to build, time to GROW into all we are meant to be (and that is SO MUCH MORE than mainstream thinks we can!)!


The Indigenous spirit remains UNCONQUERED. It is time to celebrate that!

Not Their World

“Not Their World” is about learning and understanding the past, while building a future designed by the youth themselves.

Walk Softly on Mother Earth

It’s more than learning how to talk.  It’s a dance and even before the music starts, you must understand how to walk softly on Mother Earth.

Let’s Bead and Chat! …

Great things happen, great stories are shared, great laughs are enjoyed over some beads.

Warrior Training for Young Women …

It is time for our teachings to once again be shared – for our women to realize the healing starts with them.

Warrior Training for Young Men …

We need our men.  We need them strong.  We need them determined.  

Sandi Unscripted

Sandi shares some of her most powerful teachings with the participants while allowing them the freedom to ask any questions they may have.

Words, Thoughts, Deeds

If you truly want to believe in YOU, then this is the seminar for you!

Indigenous Community Planning

Indigenous communities need to plan, not because a funding body says so, but because it is the only way to succeed.

Your Personal Responsibility for a Healthy Community

THIS seminar gives you back that power. It teaches you how to stop pointing fingers and instead, how to become part of the solution.

Entrepreneurship 101

Learn THE biggest challenge for an entrepreneur and why they should consider becoming one.

I am a Warrior

A 2-week session designed to provide a strong foundation on self-esteem and self-respect

A Voice for Indigenous Women

Sandi Boucher is often asked “Just what does it take to make a living as a Public Speaker? What do I need to know to be successful?”

Leadership Development for Women

This seminar is truly educational for all, whether they aspire to be a leader one day or already believe they are.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Is entrepreneurship for you?
What is the biggest challenge?

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