One Truth

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning only one truth dances in my head …

“Control the things you can, as it allows time for the things you can’t.”

Such were the teachings of yesterday. I had spent the week embracing my new daily planner, staying on task with razor-sharp focus, resulting in a productivity level I had never known.

But yesterday, a call out of the blue changed all that (as it so often does). And that is when the teaching came to me. In the midst of getting ready to be where I needed to be, I realized there was no guilt, no panic over what couldn’t be done today. Rather there was a total freedom, thanks to how much I had done in the time I controlled.

I don’t control the seasons, the weather, other people, or the passing of time. I don’t control who calls or what the next opportunity I am offered will be, but I do control how I dress for the season/weather, who I call friend, and how I use this day.

So today, I am once again razor-focused, determined to complete my work in the time scheduled so that next time I am needed elsewhere, I will be able to go once again, without guilt or shame.

Come to think of it, on the day I make that “final trip”, I want to go in the exact same way – with no guilt or shame, knowing I had given my all, knowing I had done all I set out to do.

That thought makes me smile. I hope it does same for you.

So today, my friend, I pray you remember that YOU captain the ship you are sailing through this life. Guide it in a way that allows you the freedom to enjoy all the moments you don’t control by controlling the ones you do.

I love you!


***This is an excerpt from Sandi’s most recent book, “I am Awake …”. available for purchase on her website or on Amazon.ca.***