2022 Personal Power Principle Calendar Bundle

You asked for it and here it is! Your very own 2022 Personal Power Principle Calendar to help you stay ON TRACK for the upcoming year! Spiral bound. Card stock. Full colour.

Truth be told, Sandi thinks the calendar is GORGEOUS but she also realized that high shipping costs make it almost impossible to buy so … to offset those shipping costs, she is including downloads of:

  • “I am Awake” (her latest book) and
  • “The PATH” (an action plan to bring us to and through reconciliation) with each order!

That’s an additional $19.90 in value which hopefully is close to or MORE than you will pay in shipping because these calendars are AWESOME and she would love everyone to have one!

Upon purchase, the downloads will arrive immediately.  The calendar will ship out to you within 4 days time (so make sure to include your proper mailing addreess when you order).

Happy New Year everyone!


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