Healing & Mentorship Program – Annual

If my Mom was here, she would invite you to sit at her Kitchen Table.  She would share her stories and her wisdom with you and you would be welcome to come back as often as you wanted. She would help you to heal and she would believe in YOU.

Mom is no longer with us but YOU can come to MY Kitchen Table to receive the same kind of support, love, and guidance that my Mom gave to so many.


As part of my Healing & Mentorship Program, you will receive:

    • A “Kitchen Table Chat” video sent directly to your inbox each weekday! Some are Flashback videos.
      Some are exclusive for the group. All are powerful, designed to support and encourage you!
    • Membership in a PRIVATE Facebook Group with access to ALL KTC videos released to date!
    • Email access to ME to discuss personal challenges you wouldn’t feel comfy sharing in the group!
    • The chance to attend an EXCLUSIVE ZOOM CHAT with me each month, the equivalent of 1-on-1 Personal Coaching!
    • The chance to attend PUBLIC ZOOM SEMINARS at no extra cost (non-Mentorship Attendees will pay a fee to attend)
    • AND a 10% discount on ALL products when ordered directly through me!


Can’t wait to see you at my table!

$99.00 / year

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