Honorary Indian (DOWNLOAD VERSION)

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!  To recognize the isolation and quarantine’s required as a result of Covid-19, here is your chance to DOWNLOAD all of Sandi’s best-selling books!


A Daily Inspirational Guide created to inspire you to find your own inner strength and power in the tradition of the majestic warrior.

An Aboriginal heritage is not mandatory to enjoy the example and the gift of the inner strength, the resolve, the humour, the joy of the First Nations peoples and their teachings.  So join me and we will walk together as we each follow our own life paths to a positive fulfilling future.

This book was created to remind YOU that you ARE indeed a WARRIOR who has survived monumental hardships; someone who is just beginning to see the strength and peace contained in your very soul; someone who is beginning to embrace and understand your abilities as you conquer fears and emerge as the person you were destined to be!

You ARE an honorary indian so stand tall, stand proud, stand strong!


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