Lunch n’ Learn (Pre-Recorded)

Sandi’s most ECONOMICAL offer yet!  Learn from her years of experience and wisdom over lunch!  Enjoy a 30-minute pre-recorded event in your lunch room and have time to discuss thoughts afterwards.  These events can be educational AND fun for all involved.  Do one a month for a truly informed team!

Topics include:

  • Allyship
  • Creating Safe Spaces
  • Land Acknowledgements – The Do’s & Dont’s
  • The Evolution of the Marginalized
  • How to Empower Those You Care For
  • Sandi’s INCREDIBLY POPULAR Night Sky Exercise
  • The FOUR Personalities in Your Office
  • Sandi’s Powerful “The Four Thank You’s”
  • Sandi’s Feather or Back-to-Back Teaching
  • Cultural Appropriation
  • or a topic of your request.

TO BOOK:  Contact our office to discuss topics and needs.  Once determined, come back here to purchase and save!

Don’t Wait!  Start your educational journey today!