Personalities 101! Seminar Package

Are you:

  • a small non-profit?
  • a women’s group?
  • a remote First Nation without reliable or fast internet access?
  • a remote First Nation with HIGH travel costs?


Then pay attention because these are perfect for you!

For those who do not have the budget to bring Sandi in or groups just not BIG ENOUGH to justify the cost of a seminar, we have introduced SEMINAR PACKAGES!

Each seminar packages includes:

  • Handouts for TEN participants
  • Pens
  • Notepaper
  • Any “items” that may be needed to take part in this particular seminar
  • A Video of the Presentation SAVED to USB so internet access is NOT needed.
  • Bonuses specific to each seminar.

This particular seminar is Sandi’s PERSONALITIES 101! A fun, interactive and VERY informative seminar that will have you looking at ALL your relationships (personally and professionally) in a new light!


Introductory Rate – $195

Regular Price – $245


$245.00 $195.00

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