Sandi’s Inner Circle (Membership)

I wanna be your friend!

Next to seminar, taking care of my inner circle is my BIGGEST joy!  And I do believe I take care of them well!

How?  Well my inner circle gets  a constant flow of inspirational and motivational messages and videos from me, messages and notes posted NOWHERE ELSE!!  Whether I am on the road, in a hotel somewhere, or in my comfy livingroom, I always have time to send off a note to my inner circle to remind them they are special and AWESOME and so worth my time (messages may include a joke or two that I found HILARIOUS because I am ALL about spreading the joy so … consider yourself warned!)

PLUS because my inner circle is my INNER CIRCLE, they get discounts on offerings from me, all for a mere $9.95 per month!


$9.95 / month

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