Become a voice for indigenous women

Sandi Boucher is often asked “Just what does it take to make a living as a Public Speaker?  What do I need to know to be successful?”

This full day seminar focuses on why it is essential for more Indigenous Women to embrace their role as Indigenous leaders and activists.  Additionally, for those who wish to make a living at it, the 10 topics of the Inspirational Speaker’s Academy founded by Sandi Boucher are shared, ensuring they have the best possible chance at success.

This seminar – a perfect example of “Walking the walk, and not just talking the talk –  is best delivered to smaller groups to allow for maximum interaction.  Sandi Boucher IS a successful public speaker.  Let her teach you how to make that happen for YOU!

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Sandi Boucher has spoken at regional and national events and is passionate about helping empower our community.

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