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Men and women of all ages and cultures struggle with self esteem issues, with releasing past pains, with believing in themselves and their futures and they are the people this seminar was designed to assist.

This seminar is unique in that it is the one that was “delivered” to Sandi in a vision, long before her career as a Motivational Speaker began. In this seminar, participants walk through their past (identifying strengths and lessons rather than the hardships they normally identify), their present existence and their future, learning tools to ensure that they will be as successful as they choose it to be.

Empowerment is the goal with participants determining their present level of empowerment, identifying experiences that have built their personal strength (and can in the future) all while recognizing the teachers amongst us. Influences are discussed and each participant is encouraged to literally discard one limitation they identify as having carried for far too long.


Click here to watch a video of Sandi explaining the amazing origin story of this seminar!


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