Walk Softly on Mother Earth


“Learning How to Walk Softly on Mother Earth” is not about the climate but rather the environment we create for our clients and colleagues.

Topics include:

  • Understanding how and why to “Walk Softly”
  • Understanding the “Two Row Wampum” Style of Engagement
  • Determining Where You Stand on “the Wall that Divides Us”
  • Understanding Culture in its Base Form
  • Understanding Privilege and How it Plays into Engagement
  • Understanding the Commonality of Culture Shock
  • Learning to Dance Together (Practical Exercise)


Mastering these skills means less misunderstanding, more trust, and more empowered clients, leading to long, fruitful and healthy working relationships.

Isn’t it time you learned to dance on those walls that divide us?

(This seminar is based on Sandi’s popular tv show “The Learning Curve” .  Participants receive practical guidance and a 50-page manual to guide future interactions.)

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Sandi Boucher has spoken at regional and national events and is passionate about helping empower our community.

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