Not Their World

“Not Their World” is about learning and understanding the past, while building a future designed by the youth themselves.

Indigenous youth are so often confused.  They don’t fit in back home and they don’t fit in a “mainstream” world.  Their parents and teachers try to give them advice but the world is so different now from the world those  people grew up in.  As a result, the advice rarely helps.

Filled with fun activities to break up the day, the youth walk through an imaginary “video game”, from one level to the next, learning and growing with each level.  In Level One they identify where they are.  Level Two shows them how our communities got to be the way they are.  Level Three has them choosing what to carry and Level Four leaves them with work to do after the seminar is done, as they progress on their journeys.

With LOTS of time left for discussion (and by the halfway mark, the Youth ARE discussing things), this seminar is empowering for the segment of the population that desperately needs to feel some personal power.

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Sandi Boucher has spoken at regional and national events and is passionate about helping empower our community.

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