Based on Sandi’s latest book – The PATH

Reconciliation – a great plan or a dirty word?

So many are confused, so many are offended.  What IS reconciliation anyways?  Is it even possible?


In this informative full day session, Sandi uses the personal, conversational, and comforting conversation style  she is known for to discuss this very hard subject.  Over the course of 6 hours, Sandi walks with us down The PATH to reconciliation or rather, the TWO paths – one for non-Indigenous Canadians and one for the Indigenous themselves.

Humorous at times, this highly educational seminar not only explains how we got here, but what we can and must do next if we ever want to leave the past behind.  Highly effective for mixed audiences (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) but equally enlightening and educational for exclusively Indigenous or non-Indigenous audiences.  Certificates of Completion available upon request.  It is highly recommended that participants purchase a copy of “The PATH” to further reinforce their education and progress after the completion of the training seminar.


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